Ready to start your teaching adventure?


GoTeach is a service that helps South African’s get placed in teaching jobs in China.

It is run by Peter Rodda, a teacher who has taught for the last 7 years in 4 different countries, on 3 different continents – and travelled to over 30 countries along the way.

He has now returned to South Africa and wants to help other South African’s to experience the world and it’s people the way he has, and to develop valuable global skills that they can one day bring back to South Africa to help to build this fantastic country of ours.

Peter has a lot of experience with the different challenges of moving and integrating into different countries and cultures and has taught in language schools, general schools, and universities. So he knows first hand which type of teaching position will best meet your expectations, and how to prepare you for life and work in another country.

Overall, Peter can offer honest and personalised advice and assistance to place you in a teaching position that will best meet your expectations for this exciting adventure in your life.


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