Attributes that drive optimal performance in the work place

Recruitment | Schools | Teachers - 03 Dec 2021

Job hunting can be quite a stressful experience, especially because the process for an employer to secure the ideal candidate runs so much deeper than just looking at a CV. Soft skills, characteristics and attributes play an integral part when it comes to hiring. When it comes to skills, they don’t necessarily just come naturally.

Things like throwing a ball or even riding a bicycle is something that you have to learn. That is why it is so easy to measure activities like these. When it comes to attributes on the other hand, like resilience, adaptability and self-efficacy for example, are traits that help us reel those skills in and they are very hard to measure especially when times are tough and stress prevails.

There are a lot of key attributes and character traits that can help an individual perform optimally in the workplace, but if we focus on a few that pertain specifically to teamwork, it is evident that as much as a specific job role is an individual responsibility, working within a team is always part of the bigger picture to achieve goals within any establishment. Below are four attributes that play a vital role when working with colleagues:

  • Integrity: an individual with integrity demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles and does the right thing, no matter the opinion of others or who is keeping an eye on them. This is the core foundation on which colleagues build steady relationships and of course, trust. Integrity also ensures that a person is consistent. There are never any surprises, only consistent actions.


  • Conscientiousness: the definition of this is a trait where you act based on what you know is right and then executing your actions with care and complete honesty. When you complete all your exam paper marking for example, with care and making sure that you mark answers accurately, is an example of conscientiousness. You take pride in any task and make sure that everything is always 100% correct.


  • Humility: Humbleness, or humility is perhaps an under-rated virtue. It sounds like a very Biblical trait. Indeed, many of the great religious leaders have been described as humble.However, just because humility is old-fashioned does not mean that it is no longer important!


  • Humor: Using humor in the workplace can boost your team’s spirits, make work more fun, ease tension when the going is tough, and help build trust. A clever or sharp observation or lighthearted joke can also make managers and leaders seem more approachable and one of the team. Laughter is always the best medicine and works like a charm when used properly for the right reasons!

There is a saying that teamwork makes the dream work, and the above attributes show exactly what the recipe for success is!

When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”Paulo Coelho



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