How to attract, hire and manage the cream of the crop

Recruitment - 15 Oct 2021

Over and above the constant competition to be the chosen employee for a specific position at a company of choice, businesses have their own competition and war to hire the top talent in specific industries to be part of their team. It is often said that it is not so much what you know, but who you know to get the job. Companies often find themselves in sticky situations when the wrong candidate is hired to fill a position, but can’t really do the job. Getting the cream of the crop on board and managing them can be a massive task at hand. Companies have to constantly ensure that they offer competitive salaries and stay ahead of the game.

It is so important for employer to have a talent management framework in place to ensure that they don’t hire a candidate that sold them om a tedious job they had at varsity or portray skills that they don’t really have. Think about businesses – having the right products, concepts and services is the first powerful step in, but what are ideas and amazing service offerings without having the right team to execute? Around 95% of employees get hired without any references and background information on the employee being checked first. The following framework will help employers attract top talent and manage them effectively!

  • There is no compromise when it comes to culture! At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how wonderful someone’s credentials are – if they don’t fit within your company culture, there will only be problems on the horizon. When it comes to interviewing make sure to delve a bit deeper with personal- and behaviour-based questions.
  • Do those reference checks – makes sure that the talent sitting in front of you is indeed top talent. Prior experience and reference checks are the first steps. Once that is confirmed it is worthwhile to give the potential candidate a pre-assessment to verify skills and capabilities. Trial days are also a very good option to see how the individual functions within the organisation.
  • Be sure to hire the absolute best. Be completely unbiased and make sure that there is a diverse pool of candidates to choose from. It might often happen that an candidate is interviewed that knows someone personally at the specific company or establishment, so ensure transparency and always involve HR or recruiter teams to assist in the process.
  • Money talks and top talent will often require a market-related or better salary. If there is a strict budget or HR policies, this can often scare top candidates off. If the right candidate comes along and there are restrictions, find a way to persuade decisionmakers in the process to make an exception for the best.
  • Make a new employee feel welcome on their first day. The minute an employee sets foot through a business’ door on their first day, it is mostly the most foundational experience. Excellence is key – from having their workspace ready to introducing them to the right people and the team. There is actually a lot of planning that needs to go into a first day. Have a detailed plan so that the employee knows from day what is expected of them and how processes run in the establishment.
  • Once a new employee is onboarded, it is important to constantly be invested in their personal development. The biggest gift an employer can give their employee is to help them reach their full potential. Once an employee knows that an employer is invested in developing their skillset in-career, employers will in-turn receive loyalty and a productive, happy employee that is focused on helping build the business and take the company’s objectives, vision and mission to the next level!

Happy hiring!



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