Job hunting tips – Be like an overqualified, unconventional bloodhound!

Job hunting - 13 Apr 2022

Job hunting – the best type of hunting you will ever do and the satisfaction that you will get out of it when you do it right is beyond rewarding, especially when there is a potential lucrative paycheck waiting in the wings. When hunting for your dream job, there are a few obvious inclusions when it comes to the ‘tips’ list, but there are a few unconventional ones that people don’t always tell you about.

It’s okay to be vulnerable. When it comes to finding that dream job there is nothing wrong with asking people for their advice. We have all been there and two or three heads are always better than one! When you know exactly what kind of job you are looking for, call up that family member, friend or friend of a friend that works in the industry that you are looking to pursue a career in. Meet up for a coffee or even just a quick chat over the phone and find out how they got in and what they did to find that perfect job.

A piece of advice that is often thrown around when it comes to career conversations, is to follow your passion. Now if you look at this statement, there is some truth in it and you need to of course do what you love, but don’t always just follow that burning passion inside you. Challenge yourself and think about something that you would like to do that involves your passion, but also challenges you that you haven’t thought about before. Think about it, when you speak to people these days, not a lot of them are very happy in their jobs, so why not take the leap and do something different?

Your dream job is not going to miraculously fall out of the sky. Study the industry or field that you’re looking to move into, and determine a company or two that you’d like to work for. Look at their challenges or how you can add value and share your solutions directly with them with no expectation of getting anything in return. You might just be creating a position for yourself without you even realising…

Usually, a job seeker’s first impression is to impress and pull all the stops when it comes to the boss that will give the nod when it comes to hiring, but it is a very wise tip to build a relationship with the boss’ admin assistant or PA. They know the manager’s schedule, interests, responsibilities and preferences. Making friends with them can go a very long way! Also, always make sure that you just don’t apply for a job as soon as you find it. Don’t ever just apply for the first job that you see and take the spray and pray approach. Find a job you love, research the company, see if you can chat to someone that works there and then tailor your application so that you stand the best chance of walking away with the win!



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