Signs that you know you love your job

Job hunting | Job satisfaction | Schools | Teachers - 22 Jun 2022

As we are all very well aware, our workplace is our second home and some of us even spend more time in our office or classroom than in our actual residential address. We have delved a bit deeper on a previous occasion on the signs we need to watch out for that start surfacing when we truly loathe our jobs and that it is time to make a career shift, but at the same time, we need to be able to identify the positive signs when we are truly happy in our jobs.

We are so used to actually just complaining about our jobs and focusing on the negative, that it is hard to identify the people that love what they do, including ourselves. So, how do we know that we have made the right choice when it comes to a career path? Here are a few signs that show a very bright light at the end of the tunnel in a world filled with constant doom and gloom.

Your job is intertwined in every aspect of your life
When you really like your job you see absolutely nothing wrong with even thinking about it in the little bit of spare time that you might have. Problem-solving and new ideas come to you even outside the office. This might mean that you are a workaholic, but that is not a bad thing when you love what you do and it adds value to your life. Instead of fighting to find a semblance of work-life balance, rather strive for work-life integration where your work seamlessly flows into the other aspects of your life and where your life easily intertwines with your world of work.

You have very limited time to yourself, but you like it
The first thing we tend to complain about is that we have no time to ourselves and the high expectations that come with a career. When you get to a point where a constant flow of new work does not annoy you and that you don’t even mind not having a lot of open space in your diary, it is already a positive sign that you truly love what you do. Beware that this state of being in flow does not spill over into your personal time, because maintaining a balance in your work-life integration is important to avoid burnout.

The results of your work drive the endorphins
Happiness is something that not a lot of people get right. If you have the feeling that the results of your work can either be of use to someone else or that you had an impact and that it is rewarding and generates more endorphins than a morning run – you are golden! To make the world a better place starts with us as individuals and if your career is that to you, you are already making a positive difference in the lives of others. Teachers are in the position to impact a multitude of lives, and if this makes you feel happy, you know that you have found a meaningful career.

You are inspired by your colleagues
You always admire the work that your colleagues do and you are ready to help and willing to learn from them. Positive feelings help us see the good in others and it is so important to enjoy and love the people you work with. It helps with personal development and good inter-company relationships make every day worthwhile to go to your place of work. Of course, there are colleagues that you don’t see eye to eye with, but when you can see the value of what they do and how this compliments what you do, the minor inconveniences and conflicts with these colleagues won’t destroy the love for your career.

Monday is not a swear word
We all know the Carte Blanche blues feeling – when Sunday night sets in and the feeling of anxiety and depression sets in… For people who actually love what they do, Monday is not a swear word and waking up with a smile is not a difficult task. Why would we want to spend 40 hours plus doing something we hate? If you can’t smile on a Monday morning, it is time to seriously reconsider your future.

Loving your job does not necessarily mean that you will be a ray of sunshine every day and that you have no obstacles from time to time – it simply means that you are not happy all day every day, but you will be happy every day which is the key to good mental health and a fulfilling life!



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