Social media and recruitment – how it can be advantageous

Recruitment - 02 Mar 2022

Recruitment has changed quite a lot over the past few years. In the ever-evolving digital era that we live in, social media has become a very necessary tool in recruitment. Over 90% of all recruiters are currently using social media sites to assist in finding talent for potential opportunities. If you think about it, every single person is on social media, whether it is Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Facebook for example, has an active user base of over 2.19 billion! Millennials and Generation X are predominantly active users of LinkedIn when they search for their perfect job.

As much as social media might be a bit unconventional, the benefits are actually quite amazing. Below are some thought starters and advantages that might just sway your thought process.

Social media increases job visibility more than can actually be explained. No other platform reaches as many people as social media can, meaning that your pool of candidates for hiring expands dramatically and your caliber of candidates increases as well. If you think about it, individuals that are active on social media are already tech-savvy which is a must-have on the list of skills for vacancies that need to be filled. It doesn’t really matter how traditional a company might be, digital is taking over the future of how things are done in business structures. If you announce new openings at your company via social media, chances are that the best candidates are more likely to stay longer at your company and be more productive and innovative than the candidates you might hire through more traditional platforms.

Social media is not only effective when it comes to finding tech-savvy candidates, but it also increases the visibility of a company or brand. Visibility on social media creates trust among potential employees and it strengthens the credibility of a brand and shows potential applicants that a company is up to date with digital trends and knows what it means to stay relevant on evolving digital platforms.

Our current reality is that we are finding ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic which has crippled companies and individuals financially. Saving money is top priority for everyone and social media recruiting is much cheaper than traditional recruiting and the value that you get from it doubles. A Facebook ad for example, can get you over two times more visibility than the traditional recruitment methods like classified ads in print publications.

Like the old saying goes – the eyes are the windows to the soul. In the digital era, that would be social media. Recruiters can find deeper insights on individuals by looking at what they post, share and even how they set up their pages. It shows a lot about a person’s character and personality and recruiters can even get insight on what their ambitions are. Hashtags are very popular when it comes to the algorithms in the world of social media. On every platform, hashtags can assist in targeting vacancies at the desired audience and candidates.

Social media might be a bit daunting, but bringing this method into recruiting will save a lot of time, money and expand the talent pool by millions! Work smart, not hard!




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