Standing and standing out during an online interview – add to your confidence and professionalism

Interviews | Student teacher | Teachers - 28 Apr 2021

Teachers stand when they teach, or at least the good teachers stand when they teach. Why then do we sit during online classes or interviews. A professional teacher stands and delivers.

As professionals, we all know that job interviews can be very stressful, but in today’s digital era, an online interview has the ability to add that extra bit of stress, especially if you have never done one before. If you are interviewing for a job in another city or abroad or even in the same city or town during COVID-ridden times, the chances are very good that your interview will be conducted via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other platform that has taken over the digital world.

This will, however, force you to think out of the box and pay special attention to your body language and other essential items during an online interview. Extra effort and attention need to be paid in comparison to an in-person interview. Over and above basic things like checking that your mic is working properly and that your background setting is sufficient, bright and professional, body language will count massively in your favour when it comes to online interviews.

Body language is the nonverbal way that we communicate with other people and it will clearly show your internal feelings and frame of mind. Always ensure that you exude confidence, positivity and be friendly. It might be something that you would not have thought about, but standing in an interview can count for massive brownie points when it comes to showing off your confidence and professionalism. If you elect to stand during your online interview, make sure you are dressed to the tee and practice beforehand which camera angles on your laptop or tablet will work best for you and make sure that you are always in frame.

When standing in an interview you also have the freedom to move around a little bit, not too much that you are out of frame or that it becomes distracting. This will also show that you can take control of a room and a situation. Over and above standing that can help boost your confidence, there are also a few other tips that will make you stand out!

Always maintain good eye contact especially when it comes to online interviews. Don’t be shy, take control and make sure that your interviewer knows that you are not disconnected. Look directly at the camera rather than at your computer screen. Whether standing or sitting, make sure you also lean in a little bit but not too far. You don’t want your interviewer to see one big eyeball on the other side or only your head coming for the screen like a comet when you are standing. Just be natural and pretend that the screen is the person sitting on the other side of the table or room.

Try to keep gesturing to a minimum. Some people are prone to speak a lot with their hands, but don’t overdo it as this can become very distracting and might look a bit animated to the interviewer on the other side of the screen. Don’t focus too much on this but just let things happen naturally, it will also look a bit odd if there wasn’t the occasional hand gesture that comes through in an interview. It cannot be stressed enough that you should never ever cross your arms during an interview. It sometimes feels natural to cross your arms especially while standing, but this defeats the purpose of coming across more confident. Closed arms suggest a closed-off attitude or that you are unsure or shy.




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