The challenges in the recruitment process

CVs | Interviews | Recruitment - 28 Apr 2022

Job searching can be very exciting, but it can also be a stressful process if you need to get a job quite urgently and you are also relying on a recruitment company. However, as much as job seekers are facing obstacles in the current job market landscape, recruitment companies are also facing a lot of challenges in the process to place the right candidate in the right position which we will touch on.

There is a wide pool of applicants without the right qualifications. When recruiters are looking for new hires, there is always a large amount of candidates that seem to be available, but very few of them are the right fit with the right credentials. It is of the utmost importance to advertise jobs with the correct descriptions and very specific details on qualifications and training required. It is also necessary to state whether a specific role is full-time, on-site, remote, or a hybrid role considering that we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. This will also alleviate disappointment when candidates might not be successful. Job postings need to be posted on various websites with the correct geographical targeting.

As much as it is a competition amongst job seekers in the race to the perfect position, recruiters are also in competition to place the right candidate. All companies know that they need to have competitive offers for jobs when it comes to salaries, flexi-time and of course career growth. Recruitment companies need to ensure that they apply the same attitude and ensure that they get what they need within the right negotiation parameters.

Another obstacle that weighs heavily on recruitment companies is of course first impressions. As important as this will be for a potential candidate, it is equally important for recruiters to make a very good impression. Tone and way of working are everything – whether candidates come in for an interview or it is conducted online, they always assess their interview experience and if it is sub-par to what it should be, a candidate will be hesitant to accept any offers put forward by the recruitment company if they don’t feel valued and made a priority.

A delayed hiring process can also jeopardise the good name of a recruitment company. Especially in South Africa, we are all aware that nothing happens as quickly as we would like them to and there is always a role from a company’s side that might add to the delay in the process with final sign-offs on salaries etc., but it is important to over-communicate to strong candidates that are in the running for a position as they might be snatched up by a competing recruitment agency or company. The key to hiring the correct candidate is that you need to always move as swiftly as possible with sufficient communication.

Recruitment companies may be working to hire employees for a fantastic and reputable company, but if candidates have never heard of the company or there is no strong online presence or branding, you are less likely to find candidates of the right calibre. Any applicant these days is way more tech-savvy in comparison to years ago and they do their homework!

As much as all businesses need to be open-minded and move with the times when it comes to ever-changing processes, recruitment companies need to do the same. Learning, testing and improving recruitment processes need to be top of mind if you want to attract the cream of the crop and stand proud as the best recruitment agency. To find the best of the best, you have to stand out from the rest. That is what recruitment is all about!



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