The character traits that drive optimal performance

Recruitment | Teachers - 12 Nov 2021

Character traits are defined as personality or qualities that make individuals who they are. In other words, how you would describe that individual or character to someone else. It is important to understand and know your best character traits to ensure that you can work on them continuously to work towards optimal performance, especially in the workplace. Once you are aware of what your strongest traits are, there are multiple ways to work your way up in your career, expanding your network and of course, achieving personal and professional goals.

To give a very simple example, if you identify with being courageous, you will lean more towards always standing up for what you believe in and objectively dealing with a difficult situation that you might be faced with at your place of employment. Character traits form who you are as a person and how you behave and express yourself. When employers are looking to hire for available positions, they look for the best fit and someone that will align with the values and culture of their company, it is thus very important to ensure that you highlight your most valuable and strongest traits.

Below are five examples of the key characteristics that will help in reaching your full potential and excelling in your career.

  • Self-disciplineSelf-discipline is something that is actually a very rare find these days. This trait is vital in assisting with overcoming any obstacles or difficulties that may come across your path. Self-discipline involves constant focus and making sure that you are on top of any task at hand, especially meeting deadlines. Sometimes this means making the right decision and missing out on fun activities in order to honour your word and deliver quality work.
  • AmbitionAmbition is something that is an absolute must for advancing your career. This entails setting clear goals for yourself with a timeline to achieve them with nothing standing in your way. Having ambition also helps you planning for the future and setting long-term goals and giving your career path and life structure. This also goes hand in hand with motivation and of course, leadership.
  • DependabilityBeing dependable is something that employers value highly and tend to have dependable employees at the top of their list when the time comes for promotions to be considered. Colleagues also look up to people they can rely on and will often be more prone to working with a dependable peer that is being promoted as they already have insight to their work ethic. At the end of the day there is one goal and that is to produce quality work and keep the core values of the company in mind to grow and thrive.
  • ResponsibilityIt is a very easy term to loosely throw about that you are responsible. Being responsible comes with great expectations and high standards. It is one thing to be responsible and do the right thing, but it is another story to actually take responsibility for your own actions. If you are actually responsible and take accountability for your actions the chances are that situations are so much more forgiving when the odd mistake might slip in here and there. Responsibility is also at the top of the list when it comes to a leader or a manager as they need to absolutely lead by example.
  • FlexibilityIn our ever-changing climate, especially now during the global pandemic, flexibility is such an important trait to have when it comes to situations where there is no other choice but to adapt… It also doesn’t really make a difference which industry you are in, change is inevitable. Whether it is a client making endless reverts to work, or teaching techniques that need to be changed or implemented, a positive attitude and embracing change is what managers and superiors look for in employees.

The skills and traits of a good employee reach beyond technical acumen and business experience. These are of course crucial to get the job done, but how these actions are carried out and what the interaction is like with team members are really what makes an employee great!




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