To Teach or not to Teach – What are the alternatives?

Teachers - 02 Nov 2021

Becoming a teacher is a calling. You love to teach and making a difference in children’s lives. That day when you smiled proudly for your graduation photo with your teaching degree in hand, it would have never occurred to you that you would ever want to work in any other field but education. Then again, what happens if you are a few years down the line and you start doubting? Is the burnout too much? The emotional strain? Or are you simply needing a new challenge in your life? Good news dear teacher! There is a life outside the classroom and meaningful careers that wait in the wings if you have a teaching degree, but you decided to pack away the chalk for good.

Here are a few alternative careers that you can pursue with your skillset and teaching degree:

· Childcare worker – you might not be in front of a classroom anymore, but if you find a job as a childcare worker, you can still fulfil your passion of working with children every day without the worry of meetings, extra murals or marking! Whether you care for an only child or a group of children that vary in age – it all depends on what fits best for you.

· Personal trainer – this one is for all the PE teachers out there. One of the most important parts of teaching is motivating students. This skill will translate perfectly in the personal training field. If you want to take a leap of faith and get into the groove of things fairly quickly, you will need to add your personal trainer certification to the mix, but if you have coached in your teaching career, this change might be as good as a holiday.

· Event planner/coordinator – just think about it, teaching is a never-ending game of planning outings, assemblies, prize-giving and parent evenings and of course, coordinating and juggling day to day tasks. This is no different to planning weddings, events and conventions. It’s never too late to make the change.

·  School and career counsellor – stepping out of the classroom and into the counsellor’s office at a schools can be very rewarding – and it doesn’t just have to be at a school. Career counsellors also work at universities, colleges, and even private companies. Everyone needs a helping hand in trying to figure out what they would like to be in the future and what they will need to realise that dream.

· Writer – to be a teacher, you must have strong writing skills. Many teachers find that becoming a writer comes quite naturally if they are no longer passionate about the classroom as such. Whether it is a book, a blog or freelance articles, your creative passion will never get lost in this profession – and you can work from home!

If you are ready for a change, all is not lost – The skills that come with a teaching degree are extremely valuable and transferable into many different professions, not even to mention the skills that you mastered and acquired in the classroom! Teachers are multi-talented human beings with so much to offer. It just boils down to what passion or talent you want to develop to write the next few chapters of your life.







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