Top tips for job interviews

Interviews - 08 Apr 2022

When it comes to job hunting, it is not just finding the ideal job online, but also researching the company and making sure that you ace your interview by handling any and all questions that come your way. Making a lasting impression and selling yourself as the best candidate for the specific position is key and we have a few tips that can help you land your dream career!

  • Research, research, research!
    An interviewer may ask how you perceive their company’s position in its industry, who the competitors are and why you would make a good addition to the team to take them to new heights. Ensure that your research is conducted thoroughly and that you are in a position to have well-constructed answers to these very important questions.
  • Highlight your ‘selling points’ and why you want the job
    Always ensure that you go into any interview with at least three key selling points about yourself that you really want your interviewer to know about that will make you stand out as the best candidate for the job. If you have good communication skills for example, be sure that you have some sort of a case study to chat about that showcases these skills. Motivate why you want the job and why your specific skill set will add value to what the company will need in the role that you are interviewing for.
  • Prepare for the common questions
    Every “how to interview” book has a list of a hundred or more “common interview questions.” It is impossible to anticipate exactly which of these will be asked relating to your interests, background, career goals or education, but as long as you are true to yourself and answer any of these with absolute confidence, you will be good to go!
  • Practice makes perfect
    It’s one thing to be mentally prepared for an interview, but a whole other story when it comes to verbalising exactly what you mean. It is human error to stumble over our words, but the one instance where this is not acceptable is in an interview. Practice your answers over and over and make sure you articulate yourself well and that you are absolutely ready for anything! Just make sure you leave the dramatics for the theater and the stage.
  • Be assertive and own the interview
    Perhaps out of the effort to be polite, some usually assertive candidates become overly passive during job interviews. Even though you are trying to put your best foot forward, think of an interview like any other conversation – it needs to flow and the conversation needs to have meaning. Confidence is key and make sure that you walk away feeling that the interviewer knows everything about you and make yourself memorable!

Whatever you do, walk into any and every interview with a positive mindset and attitude. A thought becomes a deed, a deed becomes a habit and a positive mindset that becomes a habit, attracts everything that is good.




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